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Ordering a VM

Ordering a VM


All employees of RWTH are authorized to order virtual machines for their institution. 

Each order requires both a WBS element and a user with the role Order IT who can confirm this order.

To start the ordering process, you need to enter the desired technical specifications of your VM, e.g. the number of CPU cores, memory. In real time, the total price per month will be calculated and displayed to you.

When ordering a new virtual machine, cooperations of different RWTH institutions are supported as follows: A VM of an institution A can be paid by specifying a WBS element of an institution B. The SeviRe ordering process then automatically takes care of obtaining the necessary authorizations from the participating institutions A and B.

When entering an order, the following data is relevant:

  • VM contact person,
  • VM administrators,
  • guest operating system, network selection
  • DNS record
  • Firewall
  • Activations

last changed on 07/14/2023

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