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Note on the retention of snapshots

Note on the retention of snapshots


For a snapshot function available with the user interfaces for short-term backup of the status of VMs, a total of max. 10% of the total storage capacity of all virtual hard disks (vHDDs) per VM is additionally provided.
Snapshots shall (recommendation) remain stored for max. 24 hours and may (customer obligation) remain stored for max. 72 hours.
A maximum of 3 snapshots (recommendation) and a maximum of 8 snapshots (customer obligation) that build on each other (snapshot chain) are to be stored.
The IT Center reserves the right to delete affected snapshots without notice for operational and/or technical reasons in the event of non-compliance with these customer obligations regarding snapshots.
IT Center points out that snapshots are not a backup.


last changed on 07/14/2022

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