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Access and general Information on Virtual Serverhosting

Access and general Information on Virtual Serverhosting


Who can use the Service?

The service 'Virtual Server-Hosting' can be used by institutions of the RWTH Aachen University. The service can be used  in the form of virtual machines (vms) upon individual order.


How do I order a Virtual Machine (VM)?

You can order via SeviRe. Information about SeviRe can be found here and on the procedure to order vms itself here.


How do I reach my Virtual Machine?

You have to login with your Serverhosting-Account:

  • User name: <RUID aka TIM-ID e.g. "ab123456">
  • Password: <your personal serverhosting password>

A direct link to each of your vms can be found also at SeviRe.


Access Restrictions

SeviRe and vCenter-Serves can only be accessed from within the RWTH networks.

Who can access the Virtual Machine?

During the order and setup procedure, the tenant of the vm names persons to be granted access to the vm.


What requirements need to be met to be able to access the Virtual Machine?

To be able to access your vm, you need an activated Serverhosting-Account.

Log onto the Selfservice Portal of the RWTH to activate your Serverhosting-Aacount. Here you also have to set a password for this service account.

If you need help managing your Selfservice services please contact the ServiceDesk.


The operating system of the vms has to be installed and operated by the tenant and can be chosen freely after consultation with the IT Center. The tenant has complete access to the operating system and is liable for all the software installed on the virtual machine (including the operating system) and is responsible for the backup of all the data stored on the server.

Information on how to configure your server for the backup and use the backup service of the IT Center can be found on the following page: Backup and Restore.

last changed on 03/19/2024

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