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Ordering PSP-Element Changes

Ordering PSP-Element Changes


If you are the contact person for a virtual machine, you are able to order a change of the PSP element.

You can do this by using the change PSP-Element button on the infopage of the virtual machine.

You need to know what the new PSP element is and type it in.

Hint: As with orders for a new virtual machine, cooperation between different organizations is supported. It is therefore possible to attribute a virtual machine to one organization while using the PSP element of a different organization to pay for it. The SeviRe order process with subsequently take care of getting authorization from both of the involved organizations.

The PSP element is checked after it has been entered. Provided that it is correct and chargeable, a list of users with the IdM role "Bestellung IT" in the context of the entered PSP element will be displayed and one of them must be selected.

Hint: This person must have logged in to SeviRe at least once to appear in the list.

The selected person will later receive an email from SeviRe with a web link to authorize the order.

After the order has been authorized, it will be processed and the PSP element will be changed.


You may request a change of the PSP element for the VMs of your institution.

To do this, you can find the "Change PSP element" button on the virtual machine info page.

You must know the new PSP element and type it in. The PSP element is always exactly 15 characters long. In addition, you must select an IT purchaser who is authorized to enter the PSP element. After you have entered the PSP element, the system checks it. If it is correct and valid, one of the users listed below must be selected. These users have the IDM role "Order IT" in the context of the specified PSP element.

Note: It is a prerequisite that these users have already logged into SeviRe at least once.

After confirmation, the order is processed and the PSP element is changed.

To authorize this change, the selected person will receive an email from SeviRe with a web link to authorize the order. Should you select yourself, this order is automatically confirmed.

Note: As with the ordering of a new virtual machine, cooperations of different RWTH institutions are supported as follows:

A VM of an institution A can be paid by specifying a PSP element of an institution B. The SeviRe ordering process subsequently automatically takes care of obtaining the necessary authorizations from the participating institutions A and B.

last changed on 07/14/2023

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