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Ordering VM Administrator Changes

Ordering VM Administrator Changes


If you are the contact person for a virtual machine, you are authorized to add VM administrators or overwrite already the existing VM administrators.

You can do this by using the button to Add Admins.

You are then presented with the following choices:

  • Add VM administrator
  • Overwrite VM administrator

Add VM administrator

This is used to add VM administrators to the existing list of VM administrators.

The drop-down menu will list all employees who are part of your organization. (Provided that they have signed in to SeviRe at least once.)

Important: You also have the option to add VM administrators who are not part of your organization. This makes it easier to work cooperatively with other organizations. To add them, you must type in their work email address. Only once you have finished entering the address will the database be checked in real-time. Provided that the user exists (has signed in to SeviRe at least once) you will then be able to select them.


Overwrite VM administrator

After you finish with this dialogue, all existing VM administrators of the virtual machine are deleted and replaced by those who have been entered by you.

As before, you are able to add users from other organizations by typing in their email address and then selecting them once they have been found in the database.


What's next?

The VM administrator order will initially have the status "open".

Every person that has been added as a VM administrator will have an email sent to their work address with a web link to confirm that they have a server hosting account. This account is required so that they can technically administrate a VM.

Once all users have confirmed this step, the order will receive the status "ready".

The order will then be processed automatically. Once it has been processed, an email will be sent to the work address of all newly added VM administrators with information about the completed order and how they can use their role as a VM administrator. 

last changed on 02/23/2023

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