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Using a Mailing List

You can sign up for a mailing list on the respective home page of the list. An overview of all available lists can be found here .

Further instruction can be found in our FAQs.


With the migration of the mailing list server to version 3.x, administrators of mailing lists absolutely must create a personal account.

A guide for creating an account can be found here.


Requesting a Mailing list

People with one of the following statuses in IdM can request mailing lists:

  • RWTH Employee
  • Affiliate FB10
  • UKA Employee

Student unions also have the right to request mailing lists.

To manage a mailing list, you must register for an account on the mailing list server. You can do so by following these instructions.


Please send an e-mail with answers to the following questions to

  • What is your suggestion for the name of the list? (The list will be using the address <listname> Please to not use overly vague terms such as ‘uni’, ‘sport’ or similar.
  • What is the e-mail address of the list administrator? Please use an RWTH-Mail-address.
  • What is the institute-id of your organisation?
  • What process should be used for adding new members to the list? Do new members sign up or should they be added by an administrator? (Please consider legal concerns and do not add new members to lists without ensuring their consent beforehand.)
  • Should the list be for announcements or discussion? (Should list members be moderated (announcement list) or not (discussion list)
  • What is the predicted number of members?
  • Should list entries be archived?
  • If you want list entries to be archived, should the archive be public or private?
  • Should the list be publicly listed on the overview page of the mailing list server?

Delete Mailing List

The administrator of a mailing list can always delete it themselves.

Deletion of an archive must be requested with the IT ServiceDesk.

last changed on 09/08/2023

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