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You can use the "Menu" button to access the menu structure as well as the settings of your app.


Under settings, you are able to toggle the language between English and German. You can also change the display mode from light mode to dark mode.

Additionally, you can find information about the site and data protection.

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The menu structure can broadly be divided into three areas: Information about studies, expanded offers for students and news, help and search functions.

Menu view

Students can use the "Grades" function to see their exam results. This function is only available for students with an RWTHonline account and displays exam data that is available in RWTHonline. Grades which have been published on RWTHmoodle can not be displayed with this function. Instead, students can use the "Moodle" function in the navigation bar and select "Grades" in the respective course room to see these results.

"Courses" can be used to search through all academic events related to RWTH Aachen University (e.g. lectures, tutorials, seminars, language courses, colloquium, projects, study groups).

"Study Rooms" can be used to display a list of all study rooms and to search for study rooms by traits. The blue stripe symbol at the bottom right of your screen can be used to organize study rooms by distance, by type (e.g. silent rooms, discussion rooms), by equipment (e.g. Wi-Fi, step free access) or by opening times.

The "University library" function gives an overview of the services, terms of use and access to the University Library.

The RWTHapp is also intended to ease communication between lecturers and students during events. During events, such as lectures, a Direct Feedback channel can be opened, in which students can anonymously ask questions or answer quiz questions. If a lecturer is using this function, students can give "Direct feedback" by accessing the channel here.


In the second block, you can find out about services that offer "Advice & assistance" throughout your entire studies. These range from the Student Counseling and Advising Center (ZSB) to departmental academic advisors, faculty student councils and first-year students information, to contact points for psychological counseling, and advice for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses through the Inclusive Education Officer (BIS). You can also take a look at the "Job offers" for jobs at RWTH Aachen University or "University sports" offers as well as those of the "International office".


"News & events" displays notices from RWTH Aachen University, social media posts and events from institutes and departments and the university.

"Rooms" and "People" both provide a search function for the respective groups. There are plans to expand the room search with additional information about the available amenities by location. This information will be updated constantly.

"Help & feedback" can be used to access the current status messages for the IT-Systems of RWTH Aachen University, as displayed in the status portal. You can also contact the IT-ServiceDesk with any questions about the IT services of the IT Center and find step-by-step guides to these services on IT Center Help. This function can also be used to leave feedback on the RWTHapp.

last changed on 04/16/2024

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