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Logging in to the RWTHapp

Logging in to the RWTHapp


The RWTHapp can be downloaded via the app store for the respective operating system (iOS or Android). In order to use all of the app's functions a login via the RWTH Single Sign-On is necessary.


When the App is opened for the first time, a login screen will be displayed. You can use the "Login" button to log in or the "Continue without login" button to skip this step. If you want to log in at a later time, you can always do this by using the login icon in the menu.

Logging in to the RWTHAppMenu in the RWTHApp

Regardless of whether you used the login button on the login screen or the login icon in the menu, the login process will continue as follows:

A browser will open with the RWTH Single Sign-On. Enter your username and password for the RWTH Single Sign-On and log in.

Logging in via the RWTH Single Sign-On

Authorize the app by selecting the blue "Authorize" button.

Authorizing the RWTH-App

After successfully authorising the app, a confirmation will appear. You can subsequently leave your browser and return to the app.

Confirmation message after authorization

Should you wish to revoke the authorisation of the app at a later time, you can do this by simply logging out of the app.


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last changed on 09/29/2023

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