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I received my RWTH account - now what?

I received my RWTH account - now what?


After redeeming your ConnectMe-coupon and waiting for 24 hours, your RWTH Single Sign-On account should be ready.

You can now log in to the IT services of RWTH Aachen University in order to organize and manage your studies by using your login information (username in the format ab123456):

  • Using RWTHonline, you can download any necessary documents and certifications you require, sign up for courses and lectures, and set up and manage a timetable for your studies. Please log in by using your RWTH Single Sign-On account under Login for students and employees. For further instructions and information on how to use RWTHonline, please refer to the RWTHonline documentation portal (only accessible from the RWTH network).
  • Course content is provided via RWTHmoodle. RWTHmoodle is the teaching and learning platform of the RWTH Aachen University. The login also uses the RWTH Single Sign-On. For more information about the platform, please refer to our RWTHmoodle documentation.


    Information on other services relevant to your studies can be found here:

    last changed on 03/22/2023

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