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For first-time applicants

For first-time applicants


If you have never been enrolled or employed at the RWTH University, please register on the RWTHonline homepage to obtain your applicant account in order to access RWTHonline.

Please note:

  • Use an e-mail address that you will be able to access throughout the application process
  • Ensure that your data is entered correctly. Some of this data is automatically used for your application.

Please use the "Login for applicants" to log in to RWTHonline with the login credentials for your applicant account.



If you have forgotten your login credentials, you may reset them using the link on the left side of the RWTHonline homepage.


The following diagram shows the process from creating an applicant account up to receiving a RWTH Single Sign-On account upon enrolment. You can use your RWTH Single Sign-On account to access to the IT services of the university. Most importantly, you will gain access to the student profile on RWTHonline, which allows you to organize your studies.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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