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This guide describes the steps from registration to the activation of the communication services and access to the student profile in RWTHonline for new students as well as re-enrollees at RWTH Aachen University.

The steps which need to be taken while applying will depend on your history with RWTH. Depending on your past or present Status at RWTH you may be able to use an existing RWTH Single Sign-On account (username in the format ab123456) or an applicant account to access RWTHonline. The different types of application process are:

After your successful enrollment, a RWTH account is created for you, which provides you with access to the IT services of the university. These services include the RWTH Single Sign-On and your RWTH e-mail address.


Please note that the IT Center can only assist with technical problems. For information related to academic requirements and any questions regarding these, please consult the central university administration.

last changed on 08/04/2022

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