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For first-time enrollees

For first-time enrollees


If you were not previously enrolled at RWTH Aachen University, you have to redeem a personal ConnectMe-Coupon to receive your RWTH Single Sign-On account with student status.

  • You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment.
  • One day later you will receive an e-mail with the title "Welcome to RWTH Aachen University". This e-mail contains your ConnectMe coupon.
  • Redeem this coupon.

Important note for (former) employees:

  • Please log in to your existing Single Sign-On account when redeeming your coupon. The status "RWTH student" will be added to your account and the account will be reactivated if you are a former employee.
  • One day after redeeming the coupon, your RWTH Single Sign-On account is created and assigned the status "RWTH student". In the course of this, you receive your RWTH Single Sign-On┬álogin credentials. Your temporary applicant account will no longer be required.
  • Use your new login credentials to use the "Login for students and employees" on RWTHonline.


  • If you have not received a confirmation of enrollment and have concerns about the status of your enrollment, please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • After redeeming the coupon, it takes up to 24 hours for your RWTH account to be setup and authorized for all RWTH services. If you are still unable to log in to a RWTH service with your new RWTH login credentials after waiting 24 hours, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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