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Guide for new students

Guide for new students


This guide describes the steps to activate the communication services for new students at RWTH Aachen University.


1. Application

Via RWTHonline you can apply to study at RWTH Aachen University. For this purpose, a user name will be created for you during registration, which you must use for the entire application process.

Please note that you have to use the login below at for applicants. The login for students / employees is only possible after compleeting step 3.


2. Receive the ConnectMe Coupon

In the days following payment of the semester fee and enrollment, students receive the ConnectMe coupon to activate the communication services. The e-mail concerned has the subject "Welcome to RWTH Aachen University".


3. Redeeming the ConnectMe Coupon

After redeeming the coupon, the RWTH Single Sign On (ab123456), your e-mail address and other accounts will be created and your data will be synchronized with the system of the Registrar's Office by night.

This process takes 24 to 48 hours. Only after this time can systems such as RWTHonline and RWTHmoodle be used.
You can see the correct student status in the RWTH data in the self-service.


4. Use the E-Mail Address

The e-mail address is created when the coupon is redeemed. A distinction is made between the login and the actual e-mail address.
The RWTH service account is created in the self-service (you must initially assign a password for this account before using it for the first time), which must be used for the login to your mailbox
The RWTH service account is composed of your user name (ab123456) and the domain and is therefore

Attention: This is not a valid e-mail address. It can neither be used for sending nor for receiving. Please always use the address.
This and further information about the use of the mail account can be found in our documentation for the RWTH e-mail service.


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