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Guide for new students

Guide for new students


After your application and enrollment have been completed, you will receive an RWTH single sign-on account with student status. With this account you can use various IT services of the RWTH.

The activation of the account is different for first-time enrollees and re-enrollees and takes 24 to 48 hours. After that the full range of the RWTH IT services can be used.

For first-time enrollees a personal email address in the format will automatically be created after redeeming a ConnectMe coupon

As a re-enrollee, please use the mailbox that was created for you during your initial enrollment. If you no longer have a personal e-mail address, Selfservice will offer you the option of creating an address at a later date, provided that you have been activated as a student.

You can manage the login data of your personal mailbox on the selfservice page. Your mail account will be listed in the table of services as RWTH-E-MailBefore logging into your mail account for the first time, please assign a password. To do this, check the small box to the left of the RWTH-E-Mail and click continue at the bottom.

In the username column to the right of the RWTH E-Mail you find the username you have to use to log in to your e-mail account. The user name of your e-mail account consists of your RWTH user name (ab123456) and the domain (e.g.

This and further information about the use of the mail account can be found in our documentation for the RWTH e-mail service.


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