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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word


The first successes with documents that are formatted with space and enter keys as well as F K U icons can be achieved quickly, but a more systematic approach quickly pays off for more complex work with frequent revision. 
Lecturers regularly complain about the inadequate adherence to conventions in terms of heading numbering, image labeling, directories, etc.



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Contents / process


  • service
  • Text input
  • navigation
  • Search and replace


  • Font style: weight, inclination, spacing, etc.
  • Font size / size, units
  • Designs, color
  • Typographic conventions

Paragraphs and Lines:

  • vertical spacing: between lines or before and after paragraphs
  • horizontal spacing: indentation, indentation
  • horizontal alignment: left / right justified or centered flutter, justified
  • Hyphenation
  • Tabs
  • Lists

Page formatting:

  • Sections, breaks, changes
  • Headers and footers
  • Page numbers
  • Column set
  • Footnotes and endnotes

Templates, formats, structure:

  • File templates
  • Styles
  • Structure:
    • Headings, chapters, sections
    • Structures, references


  • Types: content (IVZ), appendices, figures, tables; Index, glossary; Bibliography, literature, sources
  • positioning
  • format
  • Levels

Floating objects:

  • anchoring
  • Text flow: around, over, through
  • Alignment
  • Labeling, legend, counting, titling
  • Tables: Tables vs. boards, templates, differences to graphics
  • Text fields and position frames

Printing, distribution:

  • PDF output
  • Duplex / simplex
  • Type area, columns, header and footer; Borders, spaces, frames
  • Binding / perforation, correction margin, ridges
  • Binding / cover, title page, cover page, half-title
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Auto-correction (typos / text modules), spelling and grammar check
  • Hyphenation, language


  • 14 hours

Consultation hour

  • In the office hours you can ask questions about scientific. Work, the course homework or the general use of Word. You can find the office hours here.


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