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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel


This course includes many important functions and formatting applications for Microsoft Excel. Our goal is for participants to be able to use excel to create structured Tables and competently and correctly use the functions of Excel.



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Content of the Course

  • What is spreadsheet calculation?
  • What has changed from old versions of Excel?
  • Excel Basics (use of the software)
  • View & Print (Tips and Tricks)

Formatting Spreadsheets:

  • Formatting cells
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Autoformat
  • AutoCompletion
  • Set Line Height and Row Width
  • Optimal Line Height and Row Width
  • Cut, Copy & Paste (different Paste options)
  • Fill-in function (copy cells, data row, list, fill with increment)
  • Set cells and sheets to read-only
  • Sort (simple and complex tables)
  • Autofilter

Excel Features:

  • Autocorrect
  • Function: sum (example for "simple" features)
  • Line- and Row Sum
  • Cell Addressing 
  • Cell Referencing (relative and absolute)
  • Referencing across multiple Spreadsheets
  • Feature Assistant
  • IF-Function
  • Logical Functions (Boolean Algebra)
  • VLookup / HLookup
  • Combination Fields
  • VLookup with Combination Fields
  • Diagrams
  • Pivot Tables

The course includes practice tasks for the discussed topics. Some of these tasks will have to be completed at home.


  • 5 sessions of 2 hours each, 10 hours total


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