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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint


Starting from simple basics, this course teaches techniques that are necessary for everyday use of PowerPoint 2010. 
Building on this, further techniques are dealt with, for example the construction of complex diagrams. The course also conveys how a good presentation should look in terms of design and presentation style.

The techniques learned are repeated and practiced through homework.


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Contents / process

  • What is powerpoint
  • The program interface and basic controls
  • Dealing with views
  • Different ways to make a presentation
  • Working with text
  • Format the header and footer
  • Working with objects (table, graphics, SmartArt etc.)
  • Working with OLE objects
  • Dealing with the title and slide master
  • Drawing objects & WordArt
  • Animations and slide transitions
  • Control the presentation
  • Presentation management
  • How do you design a presentation
  • Presenting correctly
  • Practical application of what has been learned


  • 4 course hours, 8 time hours


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