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Simulate with MATLAB and Simulink

Simulate with MATLAB and Simulink


RWTH Aachen University has had a MATLAB campus license since 2007, which can be used by all students and employees of the university. 
This software enables the solution of many mathematical-technical problems and is also used in many industrial areas. 
For example, SIMULINK is used for controller design, for simulating dynamic systems, for statistical calculation and in image processing, etc.

In this introductory course there is the possibility to get to know SIMULINK and to get an easier entry into later SIMULINK projects in the study or professional life.



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Learning outcomes

After completing the course, students are able to:

  • implement numerical solution methods for solving complex differential equations in MATLAB.
  • discuss problems and limitations of the various procedures.
  • find a suitable solution strategy in practice.
  • perform a Laplace transformation by hand.
  • break down physical models into smaller models which are then to be described by means of transfer functions
  • describe problems in the implementation in the technical language in a meaningful way.
  • exchange ideas with students from other departments about problems.
  • work cooperatively in group work.


  • 7 work units of 90 minutes each


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