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Voicebox Setup

Voicebox Setup


Voicebox installation request

Before you are able to use your voice box, asetup request must be filed.

In case you forgot the password to an already activated voice box, you can request to reset it with the installation request mentioned above.


Starting up your voicebox

You must configure your voicebox in order to be able to use it. Dial your voice mail system number and follow the spoken instructions or use functions on the display visualization.The initial setup process must be finished!

Voice Mail system number: internal 71.

The individual voicebox number and the temporary password are your current phone number.

When you call the system for the first time, you will receive a short description and are asked to change your temporary password. The new password must be at least 5 digits long and must not consist of identical digits (e.g. 222222) or series (e.g. 34567). Following this, the system asks for your name. The recorded name is played to callers who want to send messages to your voicebox. Finally, you can decide on a personal greeting or choose to use the system default greeting.


Activation of the voicebox

In order to be able to use your voicebox, you have to configure a call forwarding to your voice mail. Choose one of the possible call forwardings. We recommend a forwarding after three dial tones.


Call forwarding variants

Immediate call forwardingenable *11 71
disable *10
Call forwarding when busyenable * 12 71
disable *10
Call forwarding after three dial tonesenable * 13 71
disable *10
Call forwarding after three dial tones and when busyenable * 14 71
disable *10

last changed on 03/27/2023

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