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Consultation (Communication)

Consultation (Communication)


Telephone Cabling for Buildings

If you need our assistance in planning new telephone cabling in your building or building extension, or if you need assistance with the selection of devices and additional equipment for telephone and fax service, please contact us.


Building Connection

To ensure the appropriate expansion of the RWTH telecommunication network all information concerning building refurbishment, new buildings, building extensions, urgent cable shortages and general needs that are given to the IT Center are collected and integrated into the planning of the network expansion. Please notify us as soon as possible about shortages and requirements. The network expansion is always done in close cooperation with the relevant departments of the RWTH.


Implementation Planning for the Telecommunication Network

After determining the feasibility of a project we plan the details and the implementation in close cooperation with the involved parties. If necessary, e.g. if cable connections beyond the university properties are required, we cooperate with external service providers such as Accom, Arcor, Stawag, T-Com or NetCologne.


Assisting the Implementation of Changes

To ensure quality and compliance with university standards, employees of the IT Center and department 10.45 supervise building projects. Also, the building inspections are done in close cooperation before the network is put into operation.



Contact Person: Jürgen Vreydal

last changed on 03/27/2023

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