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Purchase of end devices

The following end devices can be purchased via the IT Center:

  • Alcatel 8029 (digital), Alcatel 8028 (VoIP)
  • Alcatel 8039 (digital), Alcatel 8038 and 8068 (VoIP)
  • Alcatel Mobile Reflexes 8232 (DECT telephone)

The following additional equipment is available:

  • Headsets
  • Analog adapters (to connect fax devices)
  • external bells

Expired models that cannot be purchased anymore:

  • Alcatel Advanced
  • Alcatel Premium
  • Alcatel Easy
  • 4028/9
  • 4038/9
  • 4068

Purchase of fax devices

In order to purchase fax devices, please contact ZHV, department 7.3, Frau Nehl.

Purchase of mobile phones

In order to purchase mobile phones, please also contact ZHV, department 7.3, Frau Bäcker.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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