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Accessing your Voicebox

Accessing your Voicebox


You want to connect to your voicebox from your telephone

Please press the button  and then . Enter the password and confirm with .

Alternitavely, you can connect to your voicebox by entering the number 71.


You want to connect tou your voicebox from another telephone (inside the RWTH telephone network)

Either press   and then  , or enter the number 71. Now, press the *-key, enter your voicebox number and confirm with .

Then, enter your password and confirm with .


You want to connect to your voicebox from an external telephone

The telephone must be capable of dialing touch tones (DTMF).

Call the system via the number + 49-241-80-(your extension). Press 2 when the voicebox responds. Then enter your password.


You want to reset the password of your voicebox

Please fill out the installation request (Antrag auf Einrichtung) once again and make sure to tick the box next to the phrase "please reset password (for an already activated voice box)" (in German: "Bitte Kennwort zurücksetzen (bei bereits freigeschalteter Voice Box)").


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