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Projectboxes for research projects

Projectboxes for research projects


Project boxes provide an extensive storage quota of 500 GB up to 2 TB. The quota can be requested at the IT-ServiceDesk by IT-purchasers of institutes but also student associations.

Project boxes can be applied for via  My.Sciebo or via e-mail to

Applying for project boxes via MySciebo

One can apply for a project box via MySciebo. Due to the fact that the application should be submitted by the IT purchaser of the organisation, we will verify at first if the applicant is the IT purchaser as well. If it is not the case, a short confirmation from the IT purchaser will be required.

Applying for project boxes via e-mail

To set up project boxes, the following information is required:

  • the sciebo-ID of the future project box owner
  • a project name which only made of lowercase letters and is between 4 and 30 characters long
    The project name also has to be alphanumberic,- and_, the latter not to be placed in first or last position, must not contain umlauts, spaces or ß.
    Consequently, the naming scheme results.
  • the institute index (IKZ)/institute of the owner
  • Additionally, you have to select a quota option. Here, sciebo offers the choice between 30 GB, 500 GB, 1.000 GB and 2.000 GB quota.
  • Finally, we need a short project description (maximum 150 words) to activate your project box.
  • After creating the project box, the standard duration is 2 years. It can however be extended at any time by providing a corresponding reason.

Project boxes can be subsequently transferred to other sciebo identifiers.
If you want to reassign a project box to another sciebo ID, this can be done by the owner of the project box via the option "Manage project boxes" in the mysciebo portal.


Detailed information about project boxes can be found here.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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