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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Terms of Use for the Use of the Service Sciebo as amended in April 2019

Sciebo is a cloud solution that provides employees and students of North Rhine-Westphalian universities and also the employees of Forschungszentrum Jülich with storage space for research, teaching, study and administration purposes that can be accessed using client software or a web browser. The storage space is provided on servers in one of three university computer centers in Münster, Essen or Bonn and operated by the Sync & Share Operations Management NRW, Center for Information Processing, WWM Münster. In addition to storing data, Sciebo also offers the option of sharing data with other users of Sciebo or third parties. Sciebo is not an archiving or backup solution. The backup of data is the responsibility of the respective user.

If the "sciebo" service provided by the University of Münster is used for the filing of official data, the following regulations also apply to the authorized users of RWTH Aachen University. In this case, "official data" is to be understood as meaning all information which is made available to the user within the scope of his / her activity by RWTH Aachen University or which is created by him within the scope of his / her activity.

  1. All official data stored on sciebo remain the property of the employer (RWTH Aachen University).
  2. There is a strict separation of official and private data. This can be done for example by a corresponding folder structure and / or naming the folder.
  3. In justified exceptional cases, RWTH Aachen University may be granted access to the stored data. Access is provided by the data protection officer of the RWTH and the responsible staff council.
  4. Applicable contractual agreements, statutory provisions or RWTH internal guidelines for the use of data must be observed. Examples are agreements with third parties about confidentiality or legal requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation (DSVGO), which may exclude a filing with a cloud service or allow it only under certain conditions. In particular:
    1. Personal sensitive data acc. Art. 9 (1) GDPR must not be stored unencrypted or encrypted in sciebo. This includes data identifying racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or beliefs, or the processing of genetic data, biometric data to uniquely identify a natural person, health or sexual or sexual orientation data natural person.
    2. General personal data that are not covered under the conditions under a. mentioned data are stored only encrypted in sciebo. An unencrypted storage is prohibited.
    3. The terms of use for private use can be found at

(As of 20.04.2019)

last changed on 11/06/2023

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