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Definition of views

Definition of views


A view makes it possible for you to change the way a list is presented according to your imagination. As such you may modify the order of appearance of list rows, set automatic filters or exclude certain cells from the list. To define a new view navigate to the SharePoint-Toolbar and select the tool Create view via the tab LIBRARY or LIST.

You are redirected to a new site, which allows you to select the type of view you would like to use for your data.

selection of view-templates

Here you get to choose between...


Standard View

View data on a Web page. You can choose from a list of display styles.

Standard view

Image source: Microsoft


Datasheet View

View data in an editable spreadsheet format that is convenient for bulk editing and quick customization.

Datasheet view

Image source: Microsoft


Calendar View

View data as a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

Calendar view

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Gantt View

View list items in a Gantt chart to see a graphical representation of how a team's tasks relate over time.

Gantt view

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and a selection of existing views.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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