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Submit print job

Submit print job


You can submit print jobs via the Printing Service Portal. To gain access, you need the "IT Center Print Service" role. This can be assigned to you through your role administration at your institution. 


We have the ability to print posters, billboards, banners, etc. in various sizes.

Note: The first time you submit a print job, you must add a PSP-Element and generate a transfer authorization.

To submit a print order follow these steps: 

  1. Login to the Printing Service Portal.
  2. Select the "New order" tab.
  3. Now upload the file and select the size, material and quantity.
  4. Once all the information is complete, click on "Upload.
  5. The job appears in the overview.
  6. The job can be edited using the pencil icon on the left.

      7.  The job can be deleted via the small trash can.

      8. Click on "Enter & submit data" and please fill in the fields. 

      9. By clicking on "Submit data" you give up the print job. This can now no longer be edited. If you notice that any information is missing, please contact us by e-mail:

last changed on 03/28/2024

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