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Terms of use

Terms of use


General Printing Service Rules

  • Please send your requests without crop marks so as to avoid misunderstandings over the desired output size. 
  • All common file types are accepted although it should be noted that PDF files are to be preferred.
  • Please make sure that each poster to be printed holds an individual file, i.e. one file per poster to be printed.
  • In case you want to send your printing requests via e-mail or drop them off on a storage device, as before, we will require the following information: (abbreviated) username and password, output size and the desired output material as well as the version of the application software.  
  • On collection, the user card is necessarily to be provided. The collection must additionally be acknowledged with a signature.
  • If printouts are not collected they will be charged regardless.
  • Printouts are kept for a maximum of 6 months after printing.
  • There are no entitlements that print requests are to be completed on the same day. That always depends on the total request volume. Usually, however, smaller requests are mostly finished by the next business day. 
  • Usually, you get an e-mail notification when your print request was completed. However, this may occasionally be forgotten due to busy periods or shift changeovers. Do not hesitate to call us if you haven't received a message yet. 
  • Plotter printouts on special media (tarpaulin etc.) are not immediately processed so as to avoid unnecessary blends when changing reels. In some cases, glossy paper requires a reel change, too, which may also result in addtional waiting times.   
  • Some special media, e.g. tarpaulin, tyvek or foil are not always available in large amounts; should you require these, please let us now in advance.   
  • For technical reasons we cannot process any print requests on weekends or after hours.

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Printing Service

Presently, the printing service of the IT Center is exclusively avaible to employees of institutes, chairs, affiliated institutes and student organizations of the RWTH Aachen as well as the university hospital

Large format posters can be printed for official purposes.

The printing service is fee-based. 
Printing services must be applied for in the IT Center. 

The following aspects have to be noted:

1.) RWTH instutes or chairs with RWTH transfer accounts: 

The user application must state the WBS element of institutes or chairs from which the 
printing costs are to be transfered later. For each WBS elemnt to be used, the form for the 
transfer permit needs to be added. Only the net prices (excluding VAT) have to be paid. 
If several users of an RWTH institute are using the same WBS element, it is sufficient to hand 
in the corresponding transfer permit once. The user application, however, has to be made by 
each user who wants to get individual access data. 
If a user wants to use different WBS elements of their institute, they have to make an individual 
application for each WBS element. A short user name will be assigned to each WBS element.

2.) Affiliated institutes and other organizations (e.g. ASTA, student associations, etc.):

For affiliated institutes and student organizations without a RWTH cost center, no transfer permit
is required. Here it is sufficient to fill in the user application, the field can be left blank. These
institutes receive an invoice requesting a transaction of the printing costs to the IT Center. 
It should be noted that here the VAT applies.

3.) Employees of the University Hospital:

Employees of the university hospital use an individual application form. Here it is to be stated
whether the printouts are to be used for research purposes or for hospital operations.
In the former case no VAT is incurred, in the second it is. 
If both options apply (check both on the form), two accounts will be setup, that the applicant
can use optionially. The form for the transfer permit does not have to be completed, invoices
will be issued.


The forms for the user application and for the transfer permit can be found here.
The signatur of the head of an institute or an authorized signatory as well as the
institute stamp are absolutely essential for user applications and transfer permits. 


Once the IT Center grants the authorization, the user receives the login 
data for the printing service (short user name and password) as well as a user card. 
The authorization is limited in time (please state the desired usage period in the application)
and can be extended after expiration of the time period. 
The person who is collecting the printouts (does not necessarily have to be the applicant) 
must present the username upon collection. Additionally, the issued printouts have to be 
acknowledged with a signature. 
Within institutions, the short username and password as well as the user card are transferable, 
the responsibility rests with the applicant. 
Once a month, a list for all cost centers or institutes is generated, showing the incurred printing
costs. This list mailed to the respective institution. The printing costs are then collected from the 
IT Center via a transfer arrangement, resp. affiliated institutes, the university hospital etc. 
receive an invoice.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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