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The prices are mere cost prices (material, write-offs, etc.). VAT payment: see Terms of Use.



Large format plotter printouts: 

The prices are calculated with square centimeter precision according to the surface area (output size defined by the user). For example: A0 corresponds to 1 m2, A2 corresponds to 0,25 m2.  The measurements of the DIN formats can be found here. Prices for other plotter materials are to be coordinated with the IT Center. Since these usually have to be purchased first, you should preorder them in time.

MaterialPrice per m² in Euro (net)Reel width in mm (maximally printable width)Grammage (gram/m²)
Paper matt21,001270170
Paper semi-gloss26,001067200
High gloss paper26,001067200

last changed on 09/19/2023

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