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How order webspace

How order webspace


Applying for Web Space

IT-purchasers can apply for websites and blogs for their institutes in the IT-Shop or cancel them.

The processing time is about five to ten working days. The purchaser receives a confirmation e-mail as soon as the application or cancellation has been processed successfully.


Aachen University Hospital

Areas of teaching and research of Aachen University Hospital, like any other RWTH institute, can order web space at the IT Center. The clinics get support for their websites by the university hospital's IT department.

If interested student associations can contact the IT-ServiceDesk in order to apply for the service.


Administering Web Space

IT-purchasers or contact persons can manage the web space of their institute via the web hosting portal.


Content Maintenance

The web space is accessed via Web-DAV.

Web space databases can be maintained via php-MyAdmin.

last changed on 01/29/2021

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