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Please pay attention to the following privacy notes:

For the Web Service Gateway's operations we get the following information about your person from the central Identity Managment:

  • username (format: ab123456): Your username is only displayed for you and for the platform's administrators for internal purposes.
  • Name: Your entire name is saved and displayed for administrators, your institution's IT-purchasers and your websites' contacts.

Furthermore, we need your email address in order to contact you. Listing your phone number is voluntary. Your email address and phone number can be accessed by the administrators, your institution's IT-purchasers and by other contact persons of your websites. Passwords will not be saved. Except for this functions and the associated services your personal data will not be used or released to third parties. In case you want to delete your user data, please send an email to

last changed on 03/27/2023

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