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General information

Contracts with Microsoft


RWTH Aachen University has concluded several contracts with Microsoft. Depending on the intended use, the license can be obtained via one or the other contract.

  1. Microsoft federal contract

This contract includes the basic Microsoft licenses for universities and access to central services for staff and students. These are licensed/leased for the duration of the contract. The licenses always include the current version of the included products. Older versions can continue to be used via a downgrade right. The institutions participate in the refinancing of procurement costs incurred via Microsoft Campus Teilhabe.

  1. Microsoft Select Plus

In contrast to the Microsoft federal contract one acquires permanent licenses of a certain version over the Microsoft Select Plus contract. These can usually be purchased with or without Software Assurance (maintenance). The Software Assurance ends on the effective date of the contract on 30.06. of the respective year. Depending on the date of purchase, it runs for between 25 and 36 months. Software Assurance entitles the user to use new versions of the licensed product within its term.

The institutions of RWTH Aachen University can order these products in the RWTH Software Shop.

  1. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Through this agreement, students, trainees and teachers can obtain selected Microsoft products for teaching and training free of charge within the scope of the license conditions. These are personal licenses. In addition, installation for teaching purposes in pool rooms is permitted.