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Permitted Installations

Permitted Installations


Students can use the Microsoft 365 Education A3 Student Benefit License to access many Microsoft products and services for their studies.



The Microsoft 365 Education A3 License includes the use of Office 365 (as an on-premise installation) and Microsoft Teams, for work use, until the termination of the contract (scheduled for 31.03.2022 for the time being).

Using the included right to downgrade, the Microsoft 365 Education A3 License also allows one installation of Office Pro Plus 2019 (or an older version) per person on one work laptop or PC. This right is exclusive to employees of RWTH Aachen university. In addition, Office Pro Plus 2019 (or an older version) may be installed and used on PCs and Laptops placed in university libraries, as well as other publicly accessible spaces (such as laboratories and lecture halls).

The local installation of Office 365 products may be done on up to 15 work devices (5 PCs or laptops/ 5 Tablets/5 Smartphones) per person. These limits are independent of previous activation of an Office Pro Plus 2019 version for that person. Web applications of Office 365 products are not available for RWTH employees. An installation on private devices is not permitted, even if those devices are used for work.

Simultaneous use of Office Pro Plus 2019 (or older versions) and Office 365 on one device is not possible. This also includes older versions of other Office products, such as Visio or Project. Further information on supported scenarios for the installation of varying versions of Microsoft Office, Visio and Project on the same device is available here.


last changed on 09/08/2023

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