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Content of the Federal Contract with Microsoft

Content of the Federal Contract with Microsoft


In Feburary of 2021, the RWTH university renewed it's contract with Microsoft. The federal contract 3.0 includes the basic Microsoft licenses for all university workstations, as well as access to core services for students and employees. These products are licensed to the RWTH university for the duration of the contract.

The current federal contract 3.0 is valid for four years, starting on 01.05.2021 and running until 30.04.2025.

The Campus Teilhabe is a variant for the allocation of financial resources for the federal contract with Microsoft. It is therefore a participation in the refinancing of the Microsoft licenses that RWTH Aachen University has procured for use in the service sector. The Campus Teilhabe itself is not a license. It entitles the holder to use the Microsoft licenses procured by RWTH Aachen University for business purposes in compliance with the contractual and licensing provisions of the federal contract. You can find more details on this system here.



The following products and services are currently licensed using the federal contract:

  • Microsoft 365 Education A3
    • Available in employee tenant *
    • Windows 10 Education E3 Upgrade with Software Assurance (This software is only available as an upgrade to an existing OS - see Base Operating System)
    • Office 365 Education A3
      • Allows one Installation of Office Pro Plus 2019
    • Core CAL Suite
      • Windows Server
      • Exchange Server Standard
      • SharePoint Server Standard
      • System Center Configuration Manager ML
      • System Center Endpoint Protection
      • Skype for Business Server Standard
    • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3
      • SharePoint Server
      • Exchange Server
      • IDM Server
  • Microsoft 365 Education A3 Student Use Benefit
    • Available in Student Tenant 
    • for the Students of RWTH Aachen University
    • Analog to M365 Education A3, except without Software Assurance and CALs (see above)
    • Right to Downgrade to Office Pro Plus 2019 or older versions not included
  • CALs for Students of RWTH Aachen University
    • Windows Server
    • Exchange Server Standard
    • SharePoint Server Standard
  • Office 365 Education A1 Plus
    • Additionally contained in the federal contract
    • Available in the employee Tenant
    • For HiWis, WiHis

Comparison of the contents of M365 Education A3 vs. M365 Education A3 Student Use Benefit


Other Products

Several further products, particularly the server-products themselves, are not part of the federal contract and must still be licensed as an add-on product to the contract or bought separately in the RWTH Software-Shop using the Microsoft Select Plus Contract. Some of the not-included licenses are:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Remote Desktop CALs for Terminal Server use
  • Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) for student access to virtual workstations.


last changed on 09/08/2023

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