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Other Microsoft Licenses

Other Microsoft Licenses


Purchase from the vendor

Using the vendor for the Microsoft federal contract 3.0, other Microsoft licenses, like for example Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, etc., can be purchased at reduced prices. A minimum 10% discount is applied. Prices for some of the most commonly used additional licenses were also negotiated as part of the contract.

Alternatively, additional licenses can be acquired as permanent licenses from the RWTH Software Shop, using a Microsoft Select Plus Contract. This is, however, commonly more expensive than buying the licenses using the federal contract, particularly if software assurance is required.

The vendor's contact data, as well as a price chart for the additional licenses, can be found here. Please be aware that this page is only available to members of the RWTH.


Purchase from the Software Shop

The Microsoft federal contract allows the Work-At-Home license to install Windows 10 Education and Office for work-related purposes from home on private devices. For this purpose, employees can obtain a download with an individual activation key from the RWTH Software Shop. The prerequisite is that an activation of the licenses from the federal contract on a work-related device has already taken place previously. The license loses its validity at the end of the contractual relationship with RWTH Aachen University.

last changed on 09/08/2023

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