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Share files in Gigamove

Share files in Gigamove


Share files in Gigamove

If you want to share a file with someone, please click on "Provide file".

Provide 1

Select file

You can then select the file you want to deploy.

A form opens in which you can select the file.

Select the file.

You can then select various options in GigaMove:

  1. Notify by e-mail if the file has not yet been downloaded and is expiring.
    • You will be automatically notified by e-mail if the person, to whom you sent the GigaMove link, has not downloaded the file or if the 2 week period is about to expire. To select this option, please tick the checkbox.
  2. Protect download additionally with password
    • You can additionally protect the download with a password. This means that the recipient will only be able to download the file if he or she also enters the password that you have provided. To select this option, please tick the checkbox.
  3. Show comment to download file
    • You can add a comment that the recipient of the file can see when downloading.

  4. Valid until:
    • Here you can choose how long the download link should be available. You can specify a period of time that is a maximum of 14 days. If this period has expired, you can extend the download for another 14 days.

Provide 2

Provide file

If you are finished with all desired settings, you can provide the file. To do this, click on "Provide file".

Provide 3

Generate download link

Now the link appears below the form, which you can pass on to the recipient(s) for the download.

Provide 4

Send Gigamove link

GigaMove also offers you the possibility of sending a mail directly to the desired recipient of the GigaMove link. To do this, please click on the marked "here" in the view below.

Provide 5

Email form

You will then be redirected to a new form where you can enter the recipient of the message. The fields "Subject" or "Message" cannot be edited. Click "Send" to send the e-mail.

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last changed on 16.04.2021

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