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Providing files in Gigamove

Providing files in Gigamove


If you want to share a file with someone, please click on "Provide".


Then you can select the file you want to provide. A form opens where you can select the file. You are allowed to select a file up to 100 GB.
After that you can choose different options in GigaMove:

  1. Notify by email when the file expires.
    • You will be automatically notified by email when the two-week period is about to expire. To select this option, please tick the checkbox.
  2. Protect download additionally with password
    • You can additionally protect the download with a password. This way the recipient can download the file only if he additionally enters the password he received from you. To select this option, please enter a password.
  3.  Show comment on file when downloading
    • You can add a comment that the recipient of the file can see when downloading.

When you are ready with all the settings you want, you can upload the file. To do this, click on "Upload".

Now below the form appears the link that you can pass to the receiving person for download.


last changed on 07/14/2022

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