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Manage files in Gigamove

Manage files in Gigamove


Under Manage Files you can see which files you have made available and which you have requested.

Here you can delete, edit, send and download the files again.



If Provided is selected, you will see all the files you have provided and some information about them.
This includes file name, comment, file size, number of downloads, validity, and the link to the download. Here you can also edit the file or download, send an e-mail or delete it.
If you edit the download, you have the same options as when you create the download link. The same applies to sending an e-mail.

Manage files 1



If Requested is selected, you will see all files you have requested.

You can download the file again under Link to file.

Manage files 2



To edit a provided or requested file, click on the small pencil and you will get a view similar to the one you use to provide/request a file.

Here you have to change the desired settings and save the form.

Manage files 3

Manage files 4



To resend a provided or requested file click on the envelope icon. This opens a form in which the e-mail can be resent.

Manage files 5

Manage files 6



To delete a provided or requested file click on the small x. The file will then be deleted immediately.

Manage files 7

last changed on 29.01.2021

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