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The Service GigaMove offers an easy and user-friendly way of exchanging large amounts of data.

This exchange of data can only be initiated by a user who is a member of an organization affiliated to the DFN AAI federation. Authentication is carried out via Shibboleth – an “Advanced” degree of reliance is required; no further authentication will take place.

This user either uploads a file via HTTPS protocol and hands on the automatically generated HTTPS download – optionally via an automatically generated e-mail – or this person generates a HTTPS link that the partner may use to upload a file.

The data will be checked automatically by an up-to-date virus scanner and they will be deleted after seven days (extension possible). It is possible to protect the download with a password. A maximum of 10 GB can be stored per account. Single files, however, cannot exceed two GB – please also take note of the specific restrictions of the respective browsers (see: Upload limits for Internet Eplorer, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IIS and ASP.)