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Login to the Ticketportal

Login to the Ticketportal


An IT Center Ticketportal Account is necessary to get access to the Ticketportal. This account can be created via the Selfservice-Application. To activate this account a new password has to be set. RWTH Aachen University employees need their Identity Management data and RWTH Person Directory data to be connected in order to have access.

Employees, students, partners of RWTH Aachen University have access to this service, as well as some other groups with status in the Identity Management system.


Login to the ticketportal with your user name (format: ab123456) and the password for the IT Center Ticketportal account. . The service is available in German, English, French, and Italian.

The picture shows the login mask for the Ticket-Portal


Requests submitted via e-mail:

Students: Requests will be listed automatically, if they are submitted by the contact e-mail address you configured in the Selfservice.

RWTH employees: Requests will be listed automatically, if they are submitted by your e-mail address listed in your RWTHcontacts data.

last changed on 02/13/2024

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