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Ticketportal Manual

Ticketportal Manual

Option overview

The following options are available after the log-in into the Ticketportal:

  • Personal data & settings (1): This option contains your account information and information about your products and services as well as the option to log-out.
  • Search (2): This option allows you to search the Ticketportal (searching for words and ticket numbers is possible).
  • Requests (3): This option contains the requests that you have sent to the IT Center.
  • New Request (4): This option allows you to send new requests to the IT Center.

The picture shows the Ticket-Portal start page

Creating a new request


The option New request allows you to send a new request to the IT Center.


Please fill in the form shown on the page:

  • Category (1): Choose the appropriate category (and sub-category) for your request.
  • Subject (2): Give a short and precise description of the issue.
  • Link (3): A link to the respective entry in our documentation with helpful information about the topic will be filled in automatically.
  • Description (4): Fill in the required information and describe your question or request.
  • Attachement (5): By clicking the + symbol you can add an attachment.
  • Send (6): Click Send to automatically transfer your request to the IT-ServiceDesk.

The picture shows the option "New request"



You can see your requests and their current status under the menu item Requests.


Note: Per default, you see your active requests on the start page of the portal. Please click on the arrow to see your closed requests as well:

The picture shows the Ticket-Portal start page

The symbols in the field Status show the status of your requests:

  • open: Your request has been recorded and will be analysed as soon as possible.
  • to be checked: Your request is being analysed. You will soon receive an answer from the IT Center.
  • waiting for: We are waiting for an answer, either from you or from a third party.

The picture show the status overview of your requests

Feedback from the IT Center

As soon as the IT Center sends you an answer to your inquiry, you will find it in the portal. After clicking on the respective request in Requests the respective Case details are show on the right.

All messages (your own messages as well as those from the IT Center) will be shown in seperate service units. The service units are listed chronologically:

The picture shows the feedback from the IT Center

Editing request

By clicking Edit on the bottom of the page, you can respond to the IT Center message or add information to your original request:

The picture shows the editing option

Type your new message in the filed Description. You can add an attachment if needed and send your message by clicking Send:

The picture shows the editing mode for a request


last changed on 02/13/2024

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