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General information



Boxcryptor is a software for file encryption, especially for cloud storage and
Network drives. The software works file-based.

The data is encrypted and decrypted for the user locally on the computer and
is stored exclusively encrypted on the cloud storage. This is a
End-to-end encryption. Encryption is file-based and access to
encrypted files can be shared. Typical cloud features, such as
File versioning or selective synchronization supported. Neither the manufacturer of the
Software, nor the operator of the storage service (e.g. ZIH, local IT or cloud provider)
can access the file contents.

If the password is lost or forgotten, the data can no longer be accessed.
A reset of the password is possible with a so-called company key. This option
is only available for facilities of the RWTH and is subject to special regulations
regarding the deployment. This option is not available to students!