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With the Active Directory for Workplace Management, ADAM for short, the IT Center offers the institutions and employees of RWTH Aachen University the possibility of using a central, multi-client directory service based on Microsoft Active Directory free of charge.

ADAM is set up for RWTH Aachen University and can only be used by its employees. New institute employees are automatically registered in the ADAM by the Identity Management System via the coupon procedure. For guests (persons who are not registered in Identity Management), ADAM offers the possibility to create a guest account.

With ADAM, the IT Center does not only want to support homogeneous Windows domains. The integration of Linux and / or Mac end devices is also possible.

The ADAM service is unable to cover every wish or every requirement profile. Since changes always apply to all participants, standardization is mandatory.

If you have further interest or need additional information regarding ADAM and its functions, we are happy to offer you the opportunity for a personal dialogue. For this purpose, please contact