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General information

Overleaf (Pilot)


Overleaf/ShareLaTeX is an installation of the text typesetting system LaTeX on servers, which can be used via a browser. This service supports the collaborative editing of LaTeX documents through versioning and the central storage of resources (e.g. graphics, templates etc.). The Technical University of Darmstadt offers this service via a Shibboleth connection. A pilot project aims to test the use of the TU Darmstadt's instance by institutions of the RWTH.

Project goals are:

  • Use of the of the TU Darmstadt's¬†Overleaf instance by institutions of the RWTH
  • Gathering experience in order to lay a foundation for the decision for productive operation: Product scope, integration of offered features, cooperation with TU Darmstadt, support effort, etc.

Differentiation from regular operation: 

This service has previously not been offered at the RWTH. The pilot project provides the service through a community cloud offering so that it can be tested.

Project start:

Planned project end:

During the pilot phase, we can accept further interested parties as users. The maximum number of participants is limited to 250.

You can find more information in our blog-post.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to