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General information

Overleaf (Pilot)


Overleaf/ShareLaTeX is an installation of the text typesetting system LaTeX on servers, which can be used via the browser. This service supports the collaborative editing of LaTeX documents by versioning versioning and the central storage of resources (e.g. graphics, templates etc.). The Technical  University of Darmstadt offers this service via a Shibboleth connection. In a pilot project the use of the instance of the TU Darmstadt by institutions of the RWTH.

Project goals are:

  • Use of the Overleaf instance of the TU Darmstadt by institutions of the RWTH
  • Gathering of experiences in order to create a basis for the decision for the productive operation: Product scope, integration of offered features, cooperation with TU Darmstadt, support effort, etc.

Differentiation from regular operation: 

Up to now, the service has not been offered at RWTH: with this pilot project, the services are to be used through a community cloud offer to be used.

Project start:

Planned project end:

During the pilot phase, we can accept further interested parties as users as users. The maximum number of participants is limited to 100.

If you are interested, please send an email to write.