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Data network documentation

Data network documentation


Recommendations on the Documentation of the data network

 To ensure trouble-free operation of a data network, a documentation of the cable routes, the type of cable technology, the active connections and the entire active network technology concerned, including configuration parameters, is absolutely necessary. This documentation only makes sense if it is updated with each change to the data network.

Particularly in the event of failures, a complete documentation is a prerequisite for fast trouble-shooting.

In addition to the documentation in list form (electronic, e.g. Excel), a labeling of the patch cables is highly recommended when you are operating the data network independently.

Here it is important to comply with a uniform labeling pattern and to use permanent and fixed labeling materials.

Within the service area of the IT Center (WAN, IT Center-LAN) the following concept has proved effective in operation: 

Labeling recommendation (PDF)

Here the labeling clips of the Weidmüller familiy with the designations SF 3/21 (für LWL-Kabel) and SF 4/21 (for TP cables) are preferably applied. They can be procured via the IT Center (Beschaffung Netztechnik). Additionally, the IT Center has a special printing system that can lable these labeling clips with a PC and a text file. If required, please contact us.

Of course other materials may be used as well to attach the cable labeling. When you do, please make sure that the applied material is durable, provides good readability of the labeling and a firm fixation on the cable. 

last changed on 04/28/2023

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