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Acquisition of network technology

Acquisition of network technology



In the RWTH-Kaufhaus, holders of the role 'IT-purchaser' can purchase network technology such as copper patch cables, fiber optic patch cables, mini switches, media converters and network cards under the conditions available in the shop.

Procurements via the IT Center


  • Contact Nils Neumann
  • Consulting and combination of your requirements
  • Fill in our procurement form/application (completely with all information and institute stamp/signature)
  • Mail the application to the IT Center via letter mail (fax beforehand / e-mail possible in urgent cases)
  • You will be contacted by the IT Center as soon as the components are available.
  • Personal collection at Wendlingweg 10.

Manageable switches and routers

Prices (access for admins from the university network): Network-Price-List



Weidmüller SlimFix labeling clips


Colors: white, yellow (, blue, red)

Types: SF 3/21, Mat per 64 clips, ca. 7,30 EUR (suitable for fiber optic cables)   SF 4/21, Mat per 48 clips, ca. 6,40 EUR (suitable for TP cables)

Additional service: electronic labeling, font color black: 5,00 EUR per mat

  • Please open a ticket by email to
  • Required information:

    • Quantities and sizes

    • your PSP-element for billing

    • If the clips are labeled by the IT Center:

      • Attachment of one text file per size/colour of the clip mat to be printed

      • Filename: e.g. sf321-yellow.txt or sf421-white.txt

      • Contents: per line the inscription of each cable clip

      • If the number of label clips of a mat is exceeded, the system automatically prints on further mats.

  • For further questions about this please contact: Tobias BisterBernd Croé or Marc Recker

last changed on 07/14/2022

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