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Shared Folders

Shared Folders


By default every user sees three special folders in his home directory:

  • ~/materials
  • ~/datasets
  • ~/shared

These folders are addition volume mounts and share the same content between all users.
These folders are also read-only with the exception of ~/shared which can be used as a global scratch pad to exchange files between users on the cluster.



This folder contains a selection of Jupyter notebooks which can be used to explore the capabilities of Jupyter Lab. They are also well suited as a starting point for new lectures.

The example materials are managed by a dedicated Git repository. Pull requests to add new materials are welcome:


This folder contains a collection of well-known machine learning datasets. Due to their size, they are shared between all users.

Feel free to contact us, if you wish to add you examples or datasets.


This folder can be used as a global scratch pad to exchange files between all users of the cluster. All users can read, write, modify and delete files from this folder. No backups are made!

Group Shares / Sciebo Integration

We are currently working on a solution to allow the restriction of shared folders to a smaller user group. Also possibly the integration of external Sciebo shares. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this feature.

last changed on 23.03.2021

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