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Service offer & Charges

Service offer & Charges


What does the service 'Database' include?

  • Installation and operation of databases on high performance systems of the IT Center
  • Regular adaptation of the hardware and software to the latest requirements
  • High availability (7x24h) by means of a redundantly designed infrastrucutre and a high availability concept
  • Regular updating of the database software (security updates) and the underlying infrastructure such as operating system etc.
  • Automatic monitoring to ensure smooth operation of the databases
  • On request, performance analysis and optimization (fee-based)
  • Regular data backup
  • Support for the restoration in the event of data loss
  • Flexibility due to scalable resources such as e.g. memory, disk space etc.
  • Counselling and assistance provided by competent contact persons at the IT Center

Which database systems can be currently used?

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Community Edition

Usage of the databases is provided on a rental basis. As required, various database models varying in organizational flexibility and physical resource usage are provided. 


Costs for databases

MySQL database: 20€ monthly

  • Up to 1 GiB hard disk capacity included
  • Backup policy: 7 days
  • Provision of phpMyAdmin access

Each additional 1 GiB is charged with 0,50€ monthly

last changed on 03/27/2023

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