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Request database


The database service is provided on a rental basis.

Depending on requirements, various database models are offered, which differ in organizational flexibility and physical resource utilization.


A standard MySQL database can be ordered by person with the role Bestellung IT via e-mail to the IT-ServiceDesk.

After ordering a MySQL database, the access data (database or service name, port, server IP, password) will be sent to you by e-mail.

The following information is needed:

  • Institution and institute code number
  • Mail address(es) & telephone number(s) of contact person(s)
  • Intended use of the database
  • Funding (PSP element) for billing purposes

Oracle or non-standard MySQL database

If you are interested in an Oracle database or a non-standard MySQL database, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Here it is necessary to agree on the frame conditions in advance and to draw up an SLA.

Standard information required for setting up the database:

  1.     Database version
  2.     Service availability
  3.     Data availability and backup
  4.     Resources (CPU, memory, IO, data volumes)
  5.     load performance
  6.     Type of application (third-party, self-developed, test and/or production)
  7.     Code Page of the database (which format)
  8.     New or migration of existing database
  9.     Users and authorizations
  10.     Source systems (Firewall)

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