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Registration Event Connections

Registration Event Connections


Please send an email or an informal letter or call the IT-ServiceDesk in order to register your Event and reserve network components.

Provide following relevant information for the IT Center:

    • Number of required LAN connections

    • RJ45 (copper nw cable) or fiberoptic, data transfer rate, etc.
    • Event location (ideally building and room number)
    • A rough diagram of where in the room you need to those connections
    • Type and number of additionally required network components (cables, media converters, switches etc.)

Access to the RWTH LAN network requires web authentication. The credentials are those used to access the WLAN guest network. This means the event host needs to apply for WLAN Guest Access (even if not planning to use the WLAN infrastructure) and the devices need to be capable to display a web page. If they are not (e.g. some proprietary video conferencing solutions), the event host needs to provide the MAC address of each of these devices to the IT Center well in advance, so that these can be "allowed" explicit network access. The IP address is assigned dynamically, either way.

You should test the network connectivity preferably one or two days prior to your event! Please use the same devices for testing that you are going to use during the actual event (computers, notebooks, media converters etc.).In the case of connectivity problems, device failures or missing components, this would give you enough time to react.

In addition to the general network connection activation, it is possible to rent required network components such as media converters, switches and cables of various lengths from the IT Center for the duration of your event. Prerequisites are that the event is registered in time and that the needed network components are sufficiently available at the IT Center. Please coordinate your requirements with your respective event manager. They will inform you about your options.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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