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Access for guests of RWTH employees

Access for guests of RWTH employees


For invited guests of RWTH staff


What should the host do?

RWTH staff members (e.g. administrator, conference organiser) may apply for guest accounts. As a host they need to use their RWTH Single Sign-On ID (see Identity Management for employees). If you are not aware that you have such an ID or you have forgotten your password, please visit RWTH Selfservice.

With your RWTH Single Sign-On ID:

  • log on to the guest management system
  • create a guest account by specifying the time period, purpose and desired login name for your guest(s)/event
  • passwords are generated automatically
  • if you are known as an employee of the university, the requested guest account(s) will be approved automatically
  • credentials and a short user guide for your guest(s) can be saved as a PDF and forwarded appropriately

What to do as a guest

  • connect to WLAN SSID RWTH-guests
  • your webbrowser should be redirected to
  • stay in the left side blue box, "RWTH guest login"
  • read our Terms of Service
  • use the guest login and password you have received from your host
  • click on "Register as RWTH guest" to accept our terms and get internet access

Disclosure duty as a host

In case your guests misuse the network resources of the RWTH or cause disturbances, you, as the host, are required to provide your guest's contact information to the IT Center.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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