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Creating a Meeting Room

Creating a Meeting Room


To be able to conduct audio and video conferences, a meeting room has to be created first.

Click on Neuer Meetingraum+. to create one.

The picture shows the option for creating a new meeting

Next, enter the name of the conference and choose the host PIN.

The picture shows the option for entering a name and a PIN for the meeting

To change additional settings, click on Show in Mehr Einstellungen.

The picture shows advanced settings for the meeting

By changing the option Leistungsmerkmale des Meetingraums you can choose between a video and audio conference.

The picture shows the performance features of the meeting

Click on Speichern to create the meeting room and generate an invitation template for the participants.

To change the meeting room settings or to deteate the meeting room, click on its name.

The picture shows the list of meetings

The generated invitation contains all relevant information concerning the conference and lists the access possibilities to join the conference.

Please send this template via e-mail to invite participants to the conference. You can find a sample of the invitation mail here.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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