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PID Application examples

PID Application examples


Link at RWTH Publications

Every publication created at RWTH must be listed in RWTH Publications, the university's bibliography. In this entry, under the tab "References" you can enter a PID referring to the data on which the publications is based.

PID Reference

To add a PID, please write an e-mail using the link "Request correction" to that contains the PID. The e-mail already contains the ID of the article.

PID Korrektur

Link in an article

Of course you can also mention the PID leading to your data directly in the text of your article. Even if the data location might change, the PID remains the same. Hence, it is no problem if the PID proliferates in a pdf file or a printed version.

Link on a website

Another possibility is sharing a PID on a website. This might be useful, for example, on a project webpage documenting a research projects output.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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